An additional floor was added to 1 Grand Canal Quay at 7th floor level whilst the building remained fully occupied. The existing 6th floor was also refurbished to tie in with the new development on the 7th floor. Working next to the busy live DART line the decisions was taken to manufacture the end bay on the ground and lift it onto preinstalled stub foundations at 6th floor level during a six-hour night-time railway possession. The main challenge for this development was to construct in 2 months an additional floor beside a ‘LIVE’ Railway line and adjacent to a busy Pedestrian/Cycle route over an occupied multi-tenant office but this was achieved in the agreed time-frame.


Location:Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2
Surface Area:4,800 m²
Completed:Completed in 2.5 months
Value:€20 milion
Architect:de Blacam and Meagher